Our oUTDOOR Classes

Our 45 minute Complete Functional Workouts have been designed to help you achieve the maximum results possible.

Hiit Circuit

Our HIIT Style circuit class will challenge the elite athlete while at the same time complementing a beginner. The music played during the class pumps you up, giving you energy to complete the class. It’s a full body, high calorie burning class.

Signature Strength

Our signature strength class will help you reach your maximum strength in a safe environment. Our trainers will teach you how to lift properly, use correct form, while pushing you to your limit. Enjoy a private style session, where the exercises are modified, and tailored to your goals.

Enjoy Signature HIIT

A body weight, high intensity cardio class that competes with any other class in the world. A class that you will remember for days after. You will leave on a high feeling good and satisfied after completing the class. We dare you try it out!

Pumping Iron

A Body Building class that tones and defines your muscles. Similar to strength, we target specific muscle groups working on hypertrophy training. Hypertrophy training is one of the most effective ways to build muscle while burning fat for days!


Crossfitters are the fittest athletes in the world. We do several of the famous Crossfit and benchmark workouts, as well as our own unique WOD’s. (workout of the day). We also include regular Fitness Tests to keep you on track with your goals. The good news is you are only competing against yourselves, making it a friendly competitive environment with no ego!


Burn up to 1000 calories while having fun! Learn how to box like a professional and punch with correct footwork and form. This way, you work your entire body, giving you a real sweaty work out. Boxing requires an overall fitness, from agility to speed, to power and endurance; this is one of the most popular class at Enjoy. From beginner to advance, this class is for everybody.


This Bootcamp session is held by the pool at Prince Alfred Park. Suitable for beginners to advance. Feel part of a friendly community that gets great results, motivating trainers, fun training sessions and supportive fellow members.